I was challenged to pick my all time favourite track of the 1980s and couldn't do it.

So on the 2nd of May I will be picking and playing my Top 10. And Craig from 80s Nostalgia and Mr G will also be picking theirs.

So what I want is as many people as possible to pick their favourite 80s track and lets see what songs everybody loved and give them the play that they deserve.

If the song has a special meaning to you then we'd love to hear it and we'll read the best ones out on air.

You can listen on 96.5fm if you're around Manchester (UK) or online throughout the world at
  • Don't worry. We won't be spamming you or selling your email off to any 3rd parties.

  • You don't need to complete this bit but if you do, we may read it out on air.

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